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Game designer Stephan Michael Sechi, probably best known as the creator of the Taliaslanta FRPG, unbeknownst to many, is also a talented composer!  In 1994, he released an audio cassette of music that showcased his skills in this arena called "Music from Talislanta".  The tracks on this cassette, instead of being music inspired by the Talislanta setting, were actually samplings of the musical forms practiced by the inhabitants of the lands and cultures in the gaming environment.  A few years later, in 1997, he released another collection, titled "Music from Talislanta II" on CD.  A year after that in 1998, he released a second CD called "Wizard Hunter" which was sort of a soundtrack to a graphic novel called "Rune: Wizard Hunter" set in the Talislanta world.  Though the graphic novel was never produced, the "Wizard Hunter" CD is still in production and available for purchase here.

What you will find here are MP3 copies of the tracks from "Music from Talislanta" and  "Music from Talislanta II".  Both of these products have been long out-of-print, and since the disbanding of the original incarnation of the MP3.com website, even the MP3 copies that SMS posted there have been unavailable.  I have, with the kind help of Gene Howard, gotten copies of all of the MP3 tracks, and also secured permission from SMS to post the tracks online for people to enjoy once again.

Also, with the "Talislanta: Wizard Hunter" long OOP and stocks no longer available for sale, I've contacted SMS, and he has graciously given his permission to post that album here as well.

So please, download and enjoy these fine acoustic samplings set in one of the most unique gaming evironments ever created.


Talislanta, and all related intellectual properties, are copyrighted by Stephan Michael Sechi, and all rights are reserved.  The MP3 tracks here are posted by permission.
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