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Rune: Wizard Hunter was to be a graphic novel written by Stephen Michael Sechi and illustrated by Ron Spencer. The script was finished and along with a few pages, but the comics company that was to have published it folded. Talislanta : Wizard Hunter was to be a soundtrack/mood music like accompaniment to the graphic novel. While the graphic novel never came to be published, SMS did release the album. Since the album has been OOP for years, and stocks seem to have been all sold off, SMS has graciously given me permission to post MP3s of the albums tracks here for those who missed out on purchasing a copy of the album when they were available. Enjoy.

Wizard Hunter Theme [Short Version] 1:22

Omen 4:14

The Duel 4:46

The Wanderer 4:26

The Fire Pits 3:58

Soulstones 5:16

Shadows 6:14

Spirit Voices 5:34

Astral Plane 5:10

Wizard Hunter Theme [Long Version] 4:40

The material presented here in the Talislanta Music Archive is copyright by Stephen Michael Sechi, and is presented here publicly with his permission.
Information about the CD and the graphic novel came from The Minotaur's Lair -- Thanks loads Hurloon for perserving this information.