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Stephan Michael Sechi's second ensemble of Talislanta music, the Music from Talislanta II CD is just the thing for getting a taste of the various cultures of Talislanta (musically, or course). It takes after the first Music from Talislanta CD, in the sense that it offers a much more eclectic arrangement of music than the theme oriented Wizard Hunter soundtrack. From the lulling tunes of the Sawila to the festive notes of the Zandir, this album gives the listener a wonderful foray into the magic of Talislantans' musical accomplishments.

Harem Song (Djaffir) 5:15
The Caliph of Djaffa is serenaded by his favorite wives and consorts.

Night of Fools (Zandir) 3:49 
Traditional carnivale song of revelers on the Night of Fools.

Sea and Sky (Sawila) 6:26
A Sawila spellsong offered to the elementals of sea and sky.

Camp Song (Yitek) 4:55
After a long day of tomb-robbing, Yitek nomads sometimes sit around the campfire and play the songs of their ancestors.

Ritual (Manra) 5:55
A Manra shape-changing ritual, accompanied by drums and chanting.

Foundry Song (Yassan) 6:35
Yassan technomancers perform their version of industrial music, Talislantan style.

Ode To Xanadas (Xanadasian) 7:53
A traditional lament played each year by the followers of Xanadas, on the anniversary of the savant's disappearance.

Tavern Song (Cymrilian) 4:50 
A traditional windship sky-chanty from Archaen times. The wizard Tamerlin makes an appearance on spiral-horn on the last chorus.

Opus 49 (Bodorian) 6:27
A piece for gossamer harps, glass flute, baritone bellows-horn, and assorted percussion, by the Bodorian composer Sola Lado.

Hadjin Garden (Bodorian) 6:18
A commissioned piece performed for the Hadjin Grandeloquence, by Bodorian maestro Falo Mido and his ensemble.

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